How Build A Slice was created - Our Journey To The DIY Pizza Kit

Updated: May 4, 2021

I decided to start Build A Slice Ltd after my girlfriend and her friends asked me to cook them some pizza!

I had won a contract in 2019 to open and develop a progressive Italian restaurant in London and I knew this was right up my sleeve. Just one thing. The small flat in White city didn't have a state of the art £90,000 Moretti Pizza oven. So I got researching. Behold the revolutionary frying pan method!

Every time I want to do something I always try my hardest to make the best possible product from what I am given and I did just that. I knew for our Pizza night it had to have BIG flavours and that meant one thing. Sourdough. I have a starter called Jane Dough. She has been alive since March 2019 and tastes great. I look after her very well and give her a lot of love.

Next it had to have a salty, sweet, sour & tomatoey tomato sauce. Only San Marzano tomatoes can do that for you. The rest is easy. You need a good quality Mozzarella, Fresh Basil and Olive oil.

I made the Dough using a simple pizza recipe. The secret is of course using good quality pizza flour. Caputo make for great pizza bases. Their flour is milled in Napoli and leads to a base that isn't too dense and easily digestible. Fermentation also plays a key role here. I let the dough ferment for 24 hours in the fridge. then a further 12 hours at room temperature. Fermantation is the beautiful process which develops a wealth of flavour in bread. The reactions of C02, enzymes and protein in the gluten all lead to our delicious sourdough bases.

Our Sourdough Pizza Base

Now I had all my ingredients we were ready to cook. I definitely didn't want to just use the oven as its max temperature was 220 degrees. I knew from my time working with pizza that I needed something in the range of 400-450 degrees. But how to achieve that ?

The frying pan method. This method allows us to use only a frying pan and a grill (found in nearly every home) to recreate the conditions and temperat